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Payment Strategy & Fraud Prevention


UC San Diego's Payment Strategy is part of a larger, UC-wide initiative to protect our institutions from complex schemes.


Institutions of higher education have increasingly become targeted by complex fraud schemes. UC San Diego has been targeted with multiple types of fraud including purchase order fraud, credit card fraud, and supplier imposter fraud.

Protecting our clients and payees from fraud and providing them with invoicing methods and payment options that are simple to use, secure, expedient, and support the university's zero waste goal are the top priorities of the Payment Strategy team. 

Beyond mitigating risk, the IPPS Payment Strategy team is using this opportunity to assess and improve upon all aspects of the payment process to enhance the overall payee experience for campus and suppliers.

Our Mission

Develop a holistic payment strategy that aims at offering:

  • Mitigate risk by paying suppliers via secure payment offerings
  • Expedite payment receipt by transitioning to preferred payment options
  • Cost savings by transitioning away from paper-based processes and going electronic
  • A value-based payment structure for suppliers. Providing our suppliers with options based on their business needs.

All while supporting the university's zero waste goals.


  1. Safeguard the university and its payees from ACH and Check payment fraud by transitioning the management of these type of payments to an insured, third-party partner.
  2. Achieve our zero waste goal by transitioning all paper-based invoice receipt methods to electronic methods 
  3. Expedite payment receipts by promoting preferred payment methods

How Can Campus Help?

Thank you for your support and interest in helping. The most important thing we need from you is support. We ask that you serve as our voice. Given the spike in supplier imposter fraud and increased risk in various payment methods, UC San Diego has had to partner with several financial partners in efforts to reduce our risk. In doing so, we are asking suppliers to enroll in payment options that may differ from what they are currently receiving. 


UC San Diego's payee management tool combines the core functionality of Payment Compass with a payment service that provides protection against fraudulent payments and covers losses if the system fails. 

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