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About Us

The Small Business Development Office (SBDO) is part of the Procurement and Contracts Department. Its main function is to help departments comply with equal opportunity practices for purchasing goods and services under university policy. SBDO develops outreach activities that improve the access of qualified diverse, small businesses to the UC San Diego campus community.

Message from Anthony Singleton

Chief Small Business Officer, UC San Diego

Anthony's headshot

The Small Business Development Office (SBDO) team strives to understand the needs and potential within our service units and client base while spearheading a supplier diversity strategy. SBDO aims to engage more with local small and diverse-owned businesses, ensuring that at least one diverse supplier participates in all new sourcing events.

UC San Diego is committed to business diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in all its educational, research, and business endeavors. We believe in bringing together a diverse range of perspectives to enrich our culture, support our clients, and strengthen the well-being of our local communities. To achieve this goal, we continuously evaluate and refine our policies, operations, and culture to promote business inclusion.

We recognize that innovation thrives through diverse viewpoints and believe our diversity is our strength. Uniting differences among suppliers creates a positive cultural impact that empowers us to help our clients and local communities prosper.

We appreciate your interest in UC San Diego. Our team is committed to promoting business diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our activities.

Our Mission

Small Business Development Office (SBDO) seeks to improve small business procurement and subcontracting performance by creating opportunities for underutilized small businesses that contribute to the overall growth and expansion of our strategic initiatives and programs.