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Take a one-minute video tour of The Trove with Logistics' Student Mail Supervisor Scott Driscoll

See a demo of the parcel center smart lockers and hear about the public service and benefits the Mailing Center has to offer.

@ The Trove

Mailing Center

The Trove is home to the Mailing Center, a full-service postal annex that offers shipping and mailing services to the public, students, and the campus community. The Mailing Center offers highly competitive, university-negotiated shipping rates for UPS and FedEx.

Services Hours & Directions

Smart Lockers

The Trove houses one of several new student mail parcel centers on campus. Students residing at Marshall, Warren, Muir, and Village at Pepper Canyon pick up their incoming packages at this location. The student parcel center at The Trove is the first to offer contactless package pickup using Smart locker technology.

Smart Lockers Overview

About The Trove

The Trove is the new campus hub for Student Mail and new home to UC San Diego's public, retail Mailing Center. Situated in the heart of campus across from the iconic Geisel Library, The Trove offers access to a treasure trove of shipping and mailing services in one convenient location.  About Us