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Bid and Contract Opportunities

Suppliers seeking to do business with UC San Diego can self-register in The University of California and California State University Public Bid Site via the CalUsource self-service portal. CalUsource is a collaborative eSourcing platform that is shared across 11 Universities of California and 24 California State Universities. Registration is not required to view bids and does not guarantee any UC business. However, supplier registration is required in order to submit a bid.

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CalUsource Quick Links

  • CalUsource Website: A one-stop site for all CalUsource information and resources
  • CalUsource platform: Direct link to the login and registration page where you can participate in bid opportunities
  • CalUSource Public Bid SiteDirect link to the UC & CSU Public Bid Site, providing access to bidding opportunities across 35 public university locations throughout California
    • Tip: type UCSD into the search field to filter the results by current bid opportunities at UC San Diego
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Eligibility and Requirements

We use 3 types of competitive bid requests: Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP). The university publicly posts its requirements and needs online. Suppliers' responses address the requirements for service, quality, capability, and price. To be considered, suppliers' offers must fulfill all of the specifications in the posting and be deemed responsive and responsible. Strategic Procurement verifies the supplier's ability to fulfill the terms of the contract successfully. Before making the final selection of the supplier, Strategic Procurement evaluates the quality of the offered merchandise or services and the total cost of ownership.