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UC San Diego Procurement Spotlight

Small Business Success Stories

The Strategic Procurement and Small Business Development Teams are committed to supporting the UC-wide Small Business First Program by showcasing sixteen UC San Diego small business partners and their stories, across four presentation sessions.  

These Small Business Success Stories will cover a diverse range of industries, including coffee carts, life sciences, IT solutions, and even plumbing. During these sessions, we will delve into the backgrounds of our supplier partners, their history with UC San Diego, growth opportunities, and valuable lessons learned - essential for sustaining success with small businesses. 

Expect to read more about these businesses in future IPPS Quarterly newsletters and Blink. By utilizing these sources, you too can help us leverage our purchasing power to achieve 25% Economically and Socially Responsible (EaSR) spending on small and diverse-owned businesses. 


Local Gems: Pacific Plumbing Specialties 

Supporting Sustainability and Community in San Diego

The UC San Diego community thrives thanks to the diverse tapestry of businesses woven into the fabric of our surrounding neighborhood. Today, we celebrate Pacific Plumbing Specialties, a local gem that has been proudly serving San Diego since 1987. 

Pacific Plumbing Specialties started as a humble operation, specializing in hard-to-find plumbing parts from a simple garage. Over the years, they've blossomed into a nationally recognized supplier, catering to the commercial and institutional markets. 

But what truly sets them apart? They prioritize personalized service, building strong relationships, and tailoring their offerings to each client's unique needs. Their long-standing partnerships with manufacturers and expertise in supply chain management guarantee quick and reliable delivery. As leaders in the water industry, they champion sustainability, providing a comprehensive range of water-saving solutions, from low-flow fixtures to sensor-activated technologies. 

Choosing Pacific Plumbing Specialties isn't just about top-quality products and exceptional service; it's about supporting the lifeblood of our community. They create jobs, foster a sense of belonging, and contribute to the vibrant spirit of San Diego.

Find Pacific Plumbing Specialties on the Advanced Search platform as a hosted catalog supplier in Oracle Procurement.


Food Trucks Return to UC San Diego 

Find Delicious Eats at Various Locations on Campus

Food Trucks returned to UC San Diego in January and are slowly expanding to new service sites. Our certified small business partner, Curbside Bites, and Strategic Procurement have successfully renewed the partnership to serve delicious eats at various pop-up locations throughout campus. You can find a variety of offerings mid-week from a rotating selection of micro-business food truck operators at the School of Medicine (SOM), Scripps Institute of Oceanography – P014 (SIO), and The Link property. Services range in days with SOM serving up deliciousness Tuesday – Thursday, SIO on Wednesdays, and a trial run at The Link Wednesday – Friday.  

Check out the list of various Food Trucks that have served or are scheduled in the future:  AntoYitos Borincanos, Aunty Lynne, Baby Got Biscuits, Badas Burgers, Big Oven Pizza, Born in Brooklyn, East Coast Connection, Fused World Tacos, La Burre, Mr. Greek, MyPozole, Surf Me a Taco, The Go-Go Truck. 


Campus Market Mixer

New Small Business Event Series

Photo of presenter teams from Custom Logos and I.D. Me

The Small Business Development Office launched its inaugural Campus Market Mixer on January 18th. The first of the groundbreaking event series focused on Promotional Products and featured two certified approved suppliers, Custom Logos and I.D. Me. The event was strategically designed to boost category spending by highlighting the offerings of small businesses fostering connections between campus stakeholders and local suppliers.

The Campus Market Mixer represented a significant initiative to boost small businesses' presence and impact within the UC San Diego community. By inviting top campus spenders to engage with certified small business suppliers, the university aimed to strategically increase support for the local economy while fulfilling its commitment to socially responsible spending.

The event was vibrant and supportive, fostering an environment where like-minded individuals across campus could exchange ideas and explore opportunities for their unique projects. It served as a platform for meaningful interactions between buyers and suppliers, further strengthening the ties between UC San Diego and the local small business community.

Looking ahead, UC San Diego anticipates that events like the Campus Market Mixer will play a pivotal role in driving economic vitality within San Diego by aligning with the university's 25% Economically and Socially Responsible (EaSR) Spending goal by 2025, supporting education and research while championing the principles of responsible procurement.

The success of the Campus Market Mixer underscores the importance of supporting local small businesses and leveraging their expertise to meet institutional needs. As UC San Diego continues to prioritize socially responsible spending, initiatives like the Market Mixer series will provide a platform for exploring a diverse range of exhibitors offering innovative products and services tailored to the university's business requirements.

As the university looks forward, stakeholders are encouraged to consider procuring with local small businesses for future procurement needs. By doing so, they not only contribute to the economic impact of San Diego but also affirm UC San Diego's commitment to fostering a sustainable and inclusive business ecosystem.

Be on the lookout for invitations to participate in future Campus Market Mixers. These events promise to be instrumental in furthering UC San Diego's mission of supporting small businesses and driving positive change within the greater San Diego community.

Triton Statue in front of Price Center at UC San Diego

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