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Payment Methods and Net Terms

As a UC San Diego supplier, you will have an opportunity to select the payment option and associated terms that best meet your business needs. Payment net terms (number of days from the invoice date to payment issuance) will vary depending on the payment option selected by you. For any payment method questions, please reach out to Payment Services.


Your payment options are classified as Preferred, Standard, and Third-Party.

Preferred Payment Options:

Standard Payment Options:

  • Check payments with 1% 20, net 30: Checks are UC San Diego’s least preferred payment option. Check 1% 20, net 30 means a supplier agrees to provide a 1% discount if payment is issued within 20 days. If UC San Diego cannot issue payment by the 20th day, no discount will be deducted and payment will be issued by the 30th day. 
  • Check payments with terms of net 30: Payment via this method is issued 30 business days from the supplier invoice date.

Third-Party Payment Options*:

  • Paymode-X - A third-party electronic payment network offered to facilitate secure and efficient ACH/Direct Deposit payments in partnership with BNY-Mellon, one of the UC’s key banks. Paymode-X is not offered on Payment Compass during the initial onboarding process but may be available afterward. Learn more about Paymode-X.

*After the supplier onboarding process via Payment Compass, third-party payment methods may be offered.

Wire transfer payments: Wire transfer payments are only issued on a case by case basis. Wire transfer payments are allowed for suppliers who only have a foreign bank account.