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Campus Mobility Partnership with SPIN

UC San Diego's King Triton Mascot on a SPIN bicycle in front of Geisel Library

UC San Diego partners with Spin to provide shared bikes and an eScooters pilot program on campus. Approximately 200 Spin bikes and 200 Spin scooters are available in key campus locations. Bikes and eScooters are meant for on-campus use by students, faculty, and staff. 

Benefits for Campus Users

Visit the Shared Bikes and Scooters page on UC San Diego's Transportation Services website to learn about SPIN promos and rates for Tritons.

Shawn Strande with a SPIN bike


“I take the 150 express bus to campus and get off at Eucalyptus Grove Lane. I've been trying the Spin bikesharing service and, so far, I really like it. Now, instead of walking, I grab a Spin bike (when there’s one nearby), and zip across campus in about 5 minutes. It has reduced my commute by about 10 minutes each way. Shaving 20 minutes off a daily commute is fairly significant for me.”