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First Comprehensive University Partnership in the Nation

”We are pleased to announce this comprehensive partnership with Lyft, which will benefit our entire campus community. Partnering with Lyft in this way will allow us to offer our students, faculty, staff, patients and campus friends more streamlined access to Lyft as a cost-effective alternative transportation option to access campus and our healthcare facilities.” UC San Diego Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Pierre Ouillet. Press Release

Overview and Program Highlights

Special Promotions

We work closely with Lyft to develop exclusive offers, promotions and benefits for UC San Diego users that encourage cost savings, promote climate impact goals, and reduce parking congestion.

Lyft FLEX Shared Rides Commute Program

The Lyft FLEX program was developed by our Transportation department to offer shared ride credits at a discounted rate. This added incentive encourages students, faculty, and staff to choose Lyft's more economical, and eco-friendly shared ride option when using Lyft to commute.

Free, Late Night Rides

Associated Students teamed with Lyft to provide subsidized, late-night rides for students. Each quarter students can access a predetermined number of free ride credits (up to $10 each) when they request a late-night ride that begins or ends on campus.

Lyft Business

With a UC San Diego Lyft business account, students, faculty, and staff can save up to 30% on ground transportation when traveling on behalf of the University. All new users receive a $15 ride credit. Lyft business allows travelers to easily expense their ground travel, route business ride receipts directly to their work/school inbox, and switch easily between personal and professional rides. 

Lyft Concierge

Designed primarily with UC San Diego Health System in mind, this program allows admins to request, track, and bill 3rd party rides for patients, visitors, and research participants from their desktop. It is a convenient way to support business transportation needs, with no app or smartphone required. Rides can be requested on demand, or scheduled days in advance.

Lyft Events

Lyft Events serves Campus and Health System departments to ensure guests have a convenient ride to and from local University sponsored events. Ride codes can be purchased in bulk and geofenced for areas to and from the event location.

Mutual Climate Impact Goals

Lyft rides are carbon-neutral through the direct funding of emission mitigation efforts, including the reduction of emissions in the automotive manufacturing process, renewable energy programs, forestry projects, and the capture of emissions from landfills. Our partner 3Degrees oversees the independent verification of all projects according to rigorous third-party standards, as well as ensures that we are only supporting emission reductions that are new and would not have happened but for Lyft’s investment (known as additionality). The majority of these projects will be in close proximity to our largest markets, and all projects will be US-based.

John Zimmer & Logan Green, Lyft Co-founders

All Lyft Rides are Carbon-Neutral