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Paymode-X is UC San Diego's Third-party Payment Method for ACH/Direct Deposit

UC San Diego has partnered with a third-party payment network, Paymode-X to make receiving payment via Direct Deposit secure, easy and rewarding.

Note: Paymode-X enrollment is not offered during UC San Diego's supplier onboarding and payee registration process which is completed via Payment Compass. After the Payment Compass onboarding process is complete,  Paymode-X will initate campaigns and reach out directly to suppliers to transition to their network.

Paymode-X ACH/Direct Deposit payments issued within 30 days

Paymode-X’s robust payment network offers suppliers convenient and secure payment management. Network enrollment fees may apply. Suppliers can independently register within the Paymode-X network by visiting


If you are interested in signing up for Paymode-X ACH/Direct Deposit, contact the Payment Services team for more information. Learn more about Paymode-X payments on their website.

Why Paymode-X?

UC San Diego has partnered with BNY-Mellon to provide Paymode-X as a payment method, which will protect the banking information of our suppliers to reduce the risk of fraud from supplier impersonation with electronic funds transfer and check payments. Recently, Higher Education institutions have been the targets of fraudulent activities that have resulted in large losses. Read the fraud alert posted in our Policies and Best Practices tab for more information.

Contacts and Support

  • For specific inquiries related to enrollment in Paymode-X, contact Paymode-X services by email:
  • Questions specific to payment details or other disbursements related questions, contact Payment Services.