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Amazon at UC San Diego

Students working at the UCSD Amazon package pickup location


UC San Diego is the first higher education institution in the region to have an Amazon pickup point located on campus, and one of just 17 in the nation. Amazon@UCSanDiego represents a new collaboration between Amazon and UC San Diego.

The fully staffed pickup point inside the UC San Diego Bookstore offers the campus community and area residents a convenient and secure location to pick up and return Amazon orders.

"Having the Amazon pickup point in the bookstore is an opportunity for us to leverage the extra traffic we’re already seeing,” said Tom Bonetati, director of the UC San Diego Bookstore. “Because Amazon offers such great value, this will also create an environment in the bookstore that drives us to be a better retailer—finding better products at better prices, offering unique services and providing an exceptional customer experience."

Thanks to social media and word-of-mouth, students quickly learned about Amazon@UCSanDiego. Brianne Go, who regularly orders from Amazon, noted, "I think their whole policy is really good, how you can order something before a certain time, you can literally get it the next day. And the return policy is really good, too."

Student Emilya Ventriglia likes the location. “I can stop by before class and do any errands I need to do, like a return or pick up any items,” she explained.

The 2,800-square-foot space is strategically located on the first floor of the UC San Diego Bookstore, just off of Price Center Plaza. This location offers:

  • A secure, convenient place for faculty, staff, and students to retrieve Amazon packages.
  • Easy returns for Amazon orders. Use the self-service return station to print a return label, box up and ship back your items.
  • Free same-day pickup on millions of items for Amazon Prime and Prime Student Members. Order by noon, pick up by 6 p.m. Just select Amazon@UCSanDiego as your shipping destination when ordering.
  • On-site customer service and longer package hold duration (up to 15 days at this location).
  • Convenient hours: 9 a.m.-9 p.m. weekdays and 12 p.m.- 9 p.m. weekends. Hours are subject to change during the summer and school holidays.

“The Amazon partnership is a reinvention of the traditional bookstore that we will continue to innovate and change to fulfill our mission of adding value to our community through our products and services,” Bonetati said.


Read full article by Judy Piercey Nov 17, 2016