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IPPS Sustainability Programs & Initiatives

IPPS supports UC San Diego's sustainability goals in many ways. Read about our sustainability programs, initiatives, and best practices.

Preferred Product Program for Lab Supplies

Triton Preferred Product Program

The Triton Preferred Product Program aims to optimize the purchase of lab supplies and provide our campus community with optimal pricing, a streamlined shopper experience, and local stocking strategies to offer predictable lead times and minimize negative environmental impacts. Curation of standardized preferred products is guided by a scientific steering committee, made up of members from both UC San Diego and Thermo Fisher. 

Logistics 2.0

Carbon Neutral Last Mile

Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions (IPPS) Logistics is taking steps to adapt to the changing environment and align with the long-range strategic plans of campus and health systems. To support the university’s long-range development plan the Logistics 2.0 initiative focuses on the evolution of our last-mile delivery infrastructure. 

Sustainable Procurement

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Practice Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) by procuring items that have minimized or reduced environmental effects. The purpose of EPP is to give preference to environmentally preferred products whenever possible.

Surplus Sales

Surplus Sales

From recycling e-waste to replacing our diesel trucks with electric vehicles, Surplus Sales has been committed to carbon neutrality.


Sustainable Travel Guide

One of the ways staff, faculty, and students can support the university’s Carbon Neutrality goals is by adopting sustainable travel practices. 

Reusable To-Go Container Program

Triton 2 Go

View UCOP's Impact Report to see how UC San Diego has reduced annual spending on disposable products used in our dining halls by implementing a reusable to-go container program called Triton 2 Go. By dispensing to-go meals in reusable containers that can be returned for reuse we hope to eliminate single-use foodservice items by 2022. 

Campus Partnership Program

Campus Partnership Program

UC San Diego has built numerous corporate sponsorships that prioritize sustainability and diversity, equity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

Printer Refresh

Printer Refresh Program

Through this program, printers on campus that are nearing the end of their usable lifetime are replaced with more efficient printers. The new HP printers will help reduce our printing carbon footprint not only through energy usage but also through increased efficiency in toner and paper use.