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IPPS Partners with Autonomous Vehicle Project

uc san diego self-driving mail cart

November 26, 2019 - (Howard Lipin/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

IPPS Mail Services is working with Henrik Christensen, the director of the Contextual Robotics Institute, and his team, as they roll out mail carts equipped with algorithms developed by UC San Diego researchers, to navigate the campus. Scott Driscoll, IPPS Student Mail supervisor has been the safety driver in these carts, intervening only when the vehicle encounters unexpected obstacles. 

IPPS introduces plastic asphalt to the U.S.

Gary Oshima with CBS News Reporter

November 5, 2019

Gary Oshima, IPPS Construction Commodity Manager for UC San Diego talks to KCBQ and Channel 8 News about the status of the plastic asphalt project he initiated in 2018 that marked the first testing ground for plastic roads in the United States. Interest in this project continues to grow. Watch video.

Listen to Gary's interview with KCBQ's radio show host Richard Muscio on "It's Your Business" to learn more about the innovative project and how it will help pave the way to solving our plastic waste problem.

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