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Small Business Development Office

The University of California, San Diego's Small Business Development Office (SBDO) helps departments comply with equal opportunity practices for the purchasing of goods and services in accordance with University policy.

The SBDO also develops outreach activities to cultivate opportunities for qualified small and diverse businesses to collaborate with UC San Diego.

Mission Statement: The Small Business Development Office (SBDO) seeks to improve small business procurement and subcontracting performance by creating opportunities for underutilized small businesses that contribute to the overall growth and expansion of our strategic initiatives and programs.

Services provided by the SBDO include:

  • Identifying diverse, small businesses as suppliers of goods and services for consideration by UC San Diego Procurement & Contracts and campus customers
  • Informing suppliers of UC San Diego’s policies and procedures in an effort to help them identify possible campus customers
  • Educating suppliers about how to do business with UC San Diego
  • Expanding campus awareness of equal opportunities in business contracting
  • Advertising the Supplier Diversity Program in campus publications
  • Generating listings of diverse, small businesses for distribution to campus customers and administrators of small business subcontracting plans
  • Acting as a liaison between the small business community, UC San Diego Procurement & Contracts, and campus customers
  • Participating in off-campus community organizations and local trade fairs to communicate UC San Diego’s commitment to equal opportunity in procurement and business contracting
  • Developing and monitoring diverse, small, disadvantaged business subcontracting plans for federal contracts that exceed $700,000
  • Producing purchasing reports to the UC Office of the President, management, and federal funding agencies regarding campus utilization of diverse, small businesses
  • Building relationships with diverse suppliers through site visits

UC San Diego makes every effort to ensure that all persons, regardless of race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, and national origin, have equal access to contracts and other business opportunities with the University.

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