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Community Partnerships and Awards

UC San Diego welcomes active community partnerships with organizations that support the inclusion of all suppliers. These partnerships are a key success factor of our Supplier Diversity Program. UC San Diego is proud to support and collaborate with local partner organizations to increase the economic capacity of small and diverse businesses in San Diego communities.  

We strongly believe that these partnerships provide UC San Diego with a personal opportunity to network and interact with the diverse business community. 

Public Agency Consortium (PAC)

The Public Agency Consortium (PAC) is a committed partnership of San Diego regional public agencies focused on increasing bidding opportunities and the likelihood of success of small businesses on public agency contracts.

Each year, there are millions of dollars in contracts issued by public agencies in San Diego County. San Diego regional public agencies target outreach efforts to attract qualified contractors, subcontractors, consultants, vendors, and construction suppliers that are willing to work on public agency contracts.

This partnership includes:

Awards & News


"Small businesses need a lot of help and guidance in doing work with organizations like UC San Diego. 

Your support of the Small Business Development Center Programs and in our advisory board is much appreciated."

Sudershan Shaunak
North County SBDC

"Thank you for the many panels you have participated on as well as the hundreds of small businesses you have met with at the 'Meet the Buyers' and 'Matchmaking' events.  

Last year, the SBDC was able to help small businesses generate $11,000,000 in awarded contracts."

Lynn Pittman
Marketing Consultant,
North County SBDC

"Just a little note to say hello and thank you again for all the hard work you put into small business. I am very excited about the opportunity to work with you and the UC San Diego campus."

Tifani Swink
Area Sales Manager 
Mallory Safety and Supply
Certified Small Business Concern