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Resources for Suppliers

The goal of the University of California (UC) is to provide suppliers with fair and equal opportunity to compete for business at the University of California, San Diego.

Supplier Obligations

Receiving a University of California purchase order carries with it the obligation to supply the ordered goods or services at the agreed-upon price, at the promised time, and without the need for buyer's intervention, renegotiation, or continued expediting. The following is also expected:

  • Dependable products and services
  • Delivery as promised
  • Competitive prices
  • No substitutions
  • Good communication
  • Timely resolution of warranty claims
  • Compliance with purchasing, shipping, and invoicing procedures

Fostering Good Relationships

Ensure a good working relationship with the University of California, San Diego by:

  • Following through on orders to ensure delivery as promised
  • Refraining from offering gifts, gratuities, or anything that appears to influence purchasing decisions
  • Informing us when specifications can be improved to provide a better performance, a longer-life product, and/or lower cost
  • Keeping us supplied with your latest catalogs and current prices
  • Informing us of backorders, plant closures, impending shortages, or strikes
  • Informing us of any changes in your company such as a new address, new fax number, new phone number, new owner, etc.
  • Informing us of new technological advancements

Terms and Conditions

For more information on UC Terms and Conditions, please visit the University of California Forms and Policies page.