Electronic Invoicing & Payment

UC San Diego is transitioning toward fully automating the Procure-to-Pay process. This includes moving to an electronic environment for submitting invoices and issuing payment.

 This will result in:

  • the elimination of paper invoice and payment management - aligns with sustainability goals, including eliminating paper, mailing, and associated costs for all parties
  • faster invoice processing, which leads to shorter payment terms
  • optimizing payment methods - moving towards an electronic environment to eliminate delays in payment due to lost checks, reissued payment, etc. 

UC San Diego Enhancements to the Invoicing & Payment Process from ucsd ipps on Vimeo.

Invoicing Methods


UC San Diego has partnered with the Transcepta Electronic Procure-to-Pay Network to begin receiving invoices electronically (e-invoicing).

Transcepta registration is free and does not require changing your invoice formatting or any technical build. They offer several secure online methods for sending invoices and will guide suppliers through determining what invoice submission method best meets their needs.

For more information and to start the registration process, visit www.transcepta.com/ucsd.

SciQuest Supplier Network

UC San Diego suppliers currently enabled to submit invoices through SciQuest Supplier Network with other entities, can now use this portal to electronically submit invoices to UC San Diego. There are no transaction fees.


The transition to fully automate the Procure-to-Pay process will also include moving to an electronic environment for issuing payment.

 UC San Diego has two preferred payment methods. 

  • Payment Plus, UC’s credit card program, offers a convenient way to process credit card payments. 
  • Direct Deposit transfers the payment directly into your bank account. 

Both payment methods provide detail remittance information regarding your payment and allow for a faster and safer method of getting paid.

Standard Payment Terms

  • Net 10 – Payment Plus
  • 2% 10, Net 45 – ACH


If you have any questions about sending electronic invoices to UC San Diego, please email disbursements@ucsd.edu.