Electronic Invoicing with Transcepta

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What is Transcepta?

Transcepta is an electronic Procure- to-Pay invoicing network that electronically transmits UC San Diego supplier invoices directly to the Accounts Payable team. Registration is free and does not require any changes to your invoice format or technical enhancements to your Accounts Receivable system. 


Watch this video to learn more about this electronic invoice solution.

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Transcepta Invoice Submission Methods


Email - Choose this option if you can email invoices* directly from your invoicing system.




Virtual Printer - Choose this option if you are able to print your invoices* but are unable to email an invoice directly from your invoicing system.




EDI Process - Choose this option if you have an established EDI process.




Web Portal - None of the other options work for you?  This option allows you to enter your invoice information online and submit it to your customer.


*Transcepta does not accept scanned images of invoices.


Benefits to Registering with Transcepta

Within hours of submitting an invoice to Transcepta, the UC San Diego Accounts Payable team will receive the invoice in their processing queue.  To ensure quicker processing by Accounts Payable, refer to Invoicing Best Practices. Payment is issued depending on the payment option you have selected. Refer to Payment Options and Terms for more details.

  • Accuracy and Safe Data Transmission. Elimination of common invoice issues such as lost invoices, duplicate payments, short payments, and data entry inaccuracy will be minimized due to the electronic submission of this method.
  • Visibility to invoice submissions. The Transcepta portal allows you to view submitted invoices. If there are any errors on submitted invoices, you will receive an explanation of the error and instructions of how to correct and resubmit. Common examples of errors include: incorrect or missing Purchase Order number, invoice line item mismatch to the PO, invoice total amount mismatch to the PO, or mission invoice number.

Cost Savings. Net overall cost reduction to your accounts receivable operations. Invoice paper printing, postage and other related costs will be eliminated.


Customer Service and Support

If you are already registered with Transcepta and need help, contact Transcepta Support Direct at (888) 221-2026 Extension 3 or (949) 382-2842 or support@transcepta.com

You can view the status of invoices that are listed as received on the daily Transcepta delivery report by signing into UC San Diego’s supplier registration portal, Payment Compass. To register with Payment Compass, ask your department contact to send you an invitation or email disbursements@ucsd.edu.

For any other invoice or payment related question email disbursements@ucsd.edu and a case will be created for you in our customer service portal, ASK.


Are there any fees associated with Transcepta?

UC San Diego covers 100% of any and all registration / user fees associated with Transcepta. No cost will ever be passed on to you.

What is the registration process?

  1. After the initial contact, Transcepta will send an email communication with a link labeled “CONNECT” that will direct the supplier to the Supplier Connection Page.
  2. The following information is captured at that time:
    1. Supplier Submission method
    2. Company Information
    3. Contact information
    4. User Account information
    5. Currency information
  3. The supplier will be provided with UC San Diego’s invoice requirements.
  4. Transcepta will provide instructions on submitting a sample invoice, in accordance with the selected submission method.
  5. The supplier will provide a sample invoice to Transcepta.
  6. Transcepta will use the sample invoice to perform validation tests to ensure the document will process successfully.
  7. After testing, the vendor will be notified of their “live” status and can begin submitting invoices.

What are UCSD's invoice requirements?

  • Invoice number must be unique, minimum of 4 digits in length, and not contain any special characters such as: / - _ # %, etc. If an adjustment is made to an existing invoice, the new invoice must be contain a different invoice number.
  • Invoice Date
  • Bill to Name
  • Bill to Address
  • Payment terms – as defined in our purchase order
  • PO Number is required, must be 8 alpha-numeric characters, and start with “9”
  • Item: Purchase order line item number, description of goods/services, catalog/part number, unit price, quantity, and extended price should be an ­exact match to the purchase order
  • Tax, Freight, and additional charges must be listed separately.
  • Invoice total

In order to facilitate smooth processing of electronic invoices, please adhere to these guidelines.  Failure to comply can delay payment.

  • Invoice number, invoice date, and purchase order number are required data elements for every invoice. Without this information, invoices cannot be processed and will be returned to the supplier.
  • Signs of all dollar amounts must be the same. For example, all line items must be + or -.
  • If the PO line item number is not an exact match, there will be a delay in processing.
  • Freight should not be listed as a line item.  It should be itemized with the additional charges.

How can I verify that the invoice submission to Transcepta was successful?

Transcepta will email the supplier daily reports of all invoices that are submitted and/ or rejected.  You can additionally view the status of invoices that are listed as received on the daily Transcepta delivery report by signing into UC San Diego’s supplier registration portal, Payment Compass. To register with Payment Compass, ask your department contact to send you an invitation or email disbursements@ucsd.edu

Why was my invoice rejected?

  • Transcepta provides a daily report of the invoices that are submitted but were rejected.
  • Reasons for rejection include:
    1. No invoice number
    2. Missing UCSD Purchase Order number
    3. Invalid Purchase Order number – PO is set up under the incorrect vendor
    4. Line item total and invoice total do not add up
    5. $0.00 total invoice

What do I do if the Purchase Order was created with the wrong vendor name or number?

Contact the department / customer who created the Purchase Order under the wrong vendor number. The department will need to cancel the existing, incorrect Purchase Order and contact Accounts Payable to verify the correct vendor ID number. Once they receive the correct information, a new Purchase Order will be established. You will then be able to resubmit the invoice with the correct Purchase Order number.

My invoice is listed as having been "SENT" to UCSD. What does that mean?

The invoice that was submitted has been successfully sent to UCSD’s Accounts Payable and is in the queue for processing.

How do I check on the status of an invoice that is listed as "SENT"?

Log into UCSD’s invoice status lookup tool, Payment Compass. You will be able to see where in UCSD’s process the invoice is currently. If the invoice has been processed and paid, the check number and date it was issued will be listed.

How do I log into Payment Compass?

Who do I contact if I have a question about the Transcepta registration process?

Who do I contact if I have a question about the submission process?

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding an invoice that appears in Payment Compass?

Send an email to Disbursements@ucsd.edu and an Accounts Payable representative will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.