2018 BP Marketing Report

BP Campaign Highlight

Collaborated with campus Housing Dining and Hospitality, Shipping and Receiving, Custodial, and the local Lyft team to coordinate distribution of 11,600 UC San Diego | Lyft sports bags with BP promo card inserts to every first-year and second-year student living on campus. The bags were placed in dorm rooms prior to move-in. Lyft ordered additional bags and postcards to use as BP promotional giveaways at campus events throughout the quarter.

Digital | Print | Web

Part of the fall 2018 campaign involved creating assets that communicated BP activation using images and language that resonates with our students and updating the rideshare intranet website to align with the campaign.

Student Center (Price Center) ads

  • Foodcourt TVs
  • Plaza Marquee
  • Foodcourt Table Tents
Price Center TV ads run for 30 seconds and cycle through every two minutes. This ad went up on 9/24 and will run daily during Price Center hours through the end of the fall quarter.

Blink & TritonLink 

Sustainability Flyer

The Department of Housing Dining and Hospitality (HDH) supports an 'Econauts' program made up of a team of Resident Assistants who actively engage and inform students about sustainable issues and resources on campus. 

We created a marketing flyer for the Econauts with sustainability talking points and BP activation language.

Shuttle Ads

120  BP activation posters were placed in our campus shuttles. There are four ads in each of the 30 shuttles that cover routes around campus, to and from the Hillcrest Medical Center, and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Email, Newsletters, Campus List Serves

Email Campaigns

Existing @ucsd accounts without BP
  • Total recipients: 1,186
  • Total opens: 838

Ride Credit Raffle (Camp IPPS)

Ride Credit Raffle - weekly BP



IPPS Quarterly
  • Total recipients: 6,841
  • Total opens: 3,723
  • Total recipients: 6,791 
  • Total opens: 4,645
  • Total recipients: 6,864 
  • Total opens: 3,866

Staff Association Newsletter 


Library Walk 

Local Lyft representatives and UC San Diego student ambassadors table on Library Walk one day per week during the fall quarter to help with BP activations.

Camp IPPS & Travel Vendor Fair

IPPS hosted 300 plus faculty and staff at an all-day training event and vendor fair. Lyft represented our campus partnership programs and hosted a photo booth at the event. The Lyft partnership was promoted within the Camp IPPS marketing campaign: the event site, campus announcements, email campaigns, slide deck, signage, and BP raffle.

Student Services Fair

Approximately 2,000 first and second-year students attended this Welcome Week event to learn about campus services. IPPS hosted five tables including one for Lyft. Surplus Sales handed out surplus/Lyft co-marketing flyers at their table to encourage students to activate their BP and take a Lyft to visit the Surplus wharehouse.

Staff Appreciation Picnic

The annual staff appreciation picnic brings thousands of staff to campus for food, fun, and activities. Ticket reservations sold out within an hour. 


Print ads & short links

This clip is part of a full-page print ad we purchased in the Get Involved magazine that is mailed to all incoming students during Welcome Week. The short link goes directly to Lyft’s BP registration page. We had a spike in ‘clicks’ that corresponds to the time frame of this publication’s release.